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Mumbai under attack, 104 killed, 600+ injured

Mumbai under attack, 104 killed, 600+ injured

For this one time I wish to post this (my heart’s content) here as opposed to my personal blog…..

Yesterday night, during a regular news at 10 session a small scroll began as it sad “Bomb blasts in Mumbai CST” , dismissing it to be a low intensity blast, I was surfing channels and was shocked beyond words to see live images of gore and horror, as chaos reigned and both Oberai and Taj Mahal hotel is telecasted with commotion of gun-fires and grenade hurlings I’ve never expected to see in real life. (rather than when Arnold was part of it in some hi-budget Hollywood Flick)

Now, The details are clear(to a degree)

* – Terrorists Striked in 4 different places in a coordinated attack this country has ever witnessed.

* – The beating breast of Mumbai is the financal district surrounding Oberai hotels, nearly 40 hostages are there with scores of them being British and American citizens.

* – The intensity & audacity of the attack is so giant that we should really tell the establishment was caught in unawares…

* – There were two boats ladden with explosives near the Gateway of India and was seized and deactivated in time.

* – Seems only seems that the terrorists have abducted some western nationals along with Indian Citizens..

The Saddest part of the story is , India Today lost 3 of her Heroes in the action and they were caught unprepared and Under-equipped , The famed Head of The Anti Terrorism Squad Hemant Karkarae and ACP of Mumbai were killed when their command vehicle was entering the Hotel..

They died as they lived with a carbine in hand and a bullet in chest…and once this carnage is over, theres’ going to be a hell lot of an investigation to conduct.

Right now, Entire Indian Security establishment has been mooted, INclding The NSG, ATS, Army commandos and the CRPF ….

More chaos and more confusion …My hope and Yes PRAYERS are with those holed up in those places and the more so with e brave soles who endures the wrath and trying thier bet to end this nightmare…