Month: May 2017

Amazon Linux now available for On Premise Development/Testing

Amazon Linux now available for On Premise Development/Testing

Finally, (Well from November 2016) Amazon Web Services is letting customers download its own flavour of Linux.
Cloud instances has often been suggested as the ideal test and dev environment, on cost avoidance grounds. AWS says it’s made its Linux available after customer requests to do more development on-premises. Those requests don’t represent a bursting of the cloud bubble, but it’s nonetheless notable that developers feel the need to do some testing without paying for it by the hour.
More often than not, we feel a need to deploy a local developmental or testing instance of our app/product. We have all gone through the same routine,

  1. Developer Testing & Code Reviews
  2. Automated Test with CI
  3. Meticulous testing and validation by QA
  4. Deploy in Staging

And All hell broke loose on you!!!

It could be anything ranging from a simple charset/locale to wrong version of JVM or a libriary or other. Sometimes, it could be something sinister like the AWS A/ELB handling the request other than the way your app server intended to handle!
So, many Devops, SCM and Product owners prayed to the almighty altar of AWS. And their prayers have been answered.
The cloud giant’s chief evangelist Jeff Barr made the announcement in this blog post.
The company has loosed its Linux Container Image to assist those planning a move into its cloud can test their software and workloads on-premises. Previously the image was only accessible on-cloud, for customers running virtual machine instances on AWS.
The image is available from the EC2 Container Registry (read Pulling an Image to learn how to access it). It is built from the same source code and packages as the AMI and will give you a smooth path to container adoption. You can use it as-is or as the basis for your own images.
And Here you Go!!

Image Courtesy: Amazon Inc. (c)