IRON :CHROMIUM without leaks – Fatherland's Answer to the CHROME's Privacy concerns..

IRON :CHROMIUM without leaks – Fatherland's Answer to the CHROME's Privacy concerns..

well, Sorry guys it has almost become a fetish for me to follow and write about Chrome and If you had followed my blog or any technology post for that matter , a hailstorm is averted coz’ of Google License and rights use.

And as you probably know by now, The Bundesrepublik Deutschland was really worried about the Data Collection policies of Chrome and went as far as issuing an advisory as to not use Chrome for critical usage.

So its natural to see a German GmBH taking the initiative to weed out the concerns.

Enter Iron: 
Developed by German software company SRWare is Chrome stripped of all the user ID information that gave the German government cause for concernAccording to them, Iron is essentially the Chromium source code, with the following modifications

  • No unique user-ID
  • No user-specific information is sent to Google
  • No alternative error messages
  • Crash information is not sent to Google
  • No Google updater
The above is as of the concerned website(s) I did not had a chance to verify the claims as I am a little busy with 2 deadlines for the Month. BUt, I’ve taken the time to download Iron and Install. And it seems nearly identical to Chrome with no superficial changes except for the Bootloader Screen. (splash)

Do drop me a line if you find Iron useful/resourcehog or simply if you’ve downloaded it, I’d love to hear.

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