A comic that changed the Strategic stability in Browser Wars!

A comic that changed the Strategic stability in Browser Wars!

With the possible exception of the Watchmen trailer, I don’t remember a comic book ever stopping the web community in shock. The surprise unveiling of Google Chrome yesterday—in comic book form—did just that.

Google leaked news of the browser yesterday by releasing a comic book (by comics legend Scott McCloud) describing the design decisions that went into the new browser.

For users, Chrome is a brand new web browser with blazing fast load times and a minimalist interface, designed to highlight page content over (ironically) browser chrome. Customary browser features are tucked away behind clever user interface elements, most of which are easily discoverable as you need them.

For developers, Chrome uses the same WebKit rendering engine as Safari, but bundles its own screaming fast JavaScript engine, called V8. The browser’s common ancestry with Safari will help to reduce the testing burden on developers of a whole new browser, but when testing is required, Chrome includes a DOM/CSS inspector, an HTTP profiler, and a JavaScript debugger.

A beta of Chrome is now available for Windows, with a Mac version under development.I am already posting this Blog via Google Chrome! See screen shots for more idea/Information.

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